QM UCU Local Committee, Contacts and Representatives 2018-2019

* Any member who is interested in one of the vacant positions on the committee should contact one of the officers in the first instance to find out more. There are vacancies for representatives of the following categories: Admin Staff, Computer Staff, Disabilities, Environment, Library Staff, Postgraduates, Research Staff. In addition more Safety Representatives and Union Learning Representatives are needed.
    Other Responsibilities
Chair Darryn Mitussis  (Business and Management) 6545

Congress delegate, UCU London Region Committee, Joint Negotiating Committee


Paul Anderson (Oral Growth and Development) 5962, David Lexton (Retired) + 1 vacancy*

PA: NEC member, UCU London Region Committee, Joint Negotiating Committee
Secretary Jessica Jacobs (Geography)

Anti-Casualisation Representative (Teaching Associates), UCU Anti-Casualisation Committee, HE Hourly Paid Rep on the London Regional Committee

Assistant Secretaries 2 vacancies*  
Treasurer Julian Holmes (Retired)  
Membership Secretary Joanna Bullimore (IT Services)  
Equality Officer Yasmin Ibrahim (Business and Management) 8986  
Pensions Officer Esther Murray (Health Sciences Education) 7085  
Communications Officer (Press and social media) Angus McNelly (Politics and International Relations)  
Health and Safety Officer James Eastwood (Politics) 2848  
Anti-Casualisation Representatives (Teaching Associates)

Kester Richardson (English and Drama)
Emily Pfefer (Business and Management)

Black Members Representatives

Mojisola Adebayo (English and Drama) 3068
Phoebe Okowa (Law) 3961

LGBT Representative Claire English (Business and Management)  
Union Learning Representative Kyla Sankey (Business and Management) UCU London Region Committee
Womens Officers (Joint) Patrizia Kokot-Blamey (Business and Management) 3986
Jessica Jacobs
Other committee members Mark Baxendale (Physics) 5795 Congress delegate
  Maria D'Amico (Women's Health Research Unit) 6695  
Branch Administrator Christine Hurley Personal Case Co-ordinator via ucu-coordinator@qmul.ac.uk

Departmental contacts (committee members function also as departmental contacts in their respective departments)

Advice and Counselling Louise Holloway 8717
Physics Theo Kreouzis 5327
  + representatives needed for many other departments. Contact ucu-secretary@qmul.ac.uk if you are interested in recruiting and liaising with members in your department.

updated by David Lexton, March 12, 2019

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