UCU is the recognised trade union for all academic and related staff at QM. This means that UCU is officially recognised by the college as the representative of all

What does UCU offer?

The QM UCU committee actively supports members in any difficulties they have over contracts and personal disputes and is also consulted by the college on any restructuring issues which affect employment issues. Normally a person outside of the member's department is assigned to assist with individual problems and they can attend any meeting a member has with management. Branch officials can obtain additional assistance from UCU's regional and national staff.

Membership for at least three months prior to the onset of a problem is required for access to the UCU legal assistance scheme.

A general meeting of all members is convened when required. At these meetings, members discuss topical issues, establish branch policy and can raise matters of concern to all members.

QM UCU sends delegates to UCU Congress, which meets annually to decide national policy, including pay claims, other campaigning priorities and any action which is necessary.

UCU is the official union for negotiating pay and conditions of service for all academic and academic-related staff at all universities. It is affiliated to the TUC.

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