What you can do for the UCU

UCU depends for its existence upon the voluntary efforts of local lay officials, elected by and from the membership to the local association committee.

The committee organises the activities of the local association, including such things as general meetings and strikes. The committee also represents the UCU to management on collective issues and individual members on personal issues.

However, the work done by committee members cannot extend to all the areas that the union needs to cover.

In particular, within departments, we need members who are prepared to act as links between the committee and the officers and the department members. We need people who are prepared to recruit new staff to the union and, ideally, ensure that members have a local contact for local problems.

As a member, you want the UCU to be as effective as possible and help you when you need support.

To continue to do this UCU needs you to help UCU, as a departmental representative or contact, as a recruiter, as an active participant in UCU activities.

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